The creation and maintenance of a favourable public image is the mainstay of any corporate entity. The easy flow of information, especially in the digital age, is essential for establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the public and private and public organizations. Good public relations blends research, writing and editing skills, speech writing, creating marketing and publicity concepts and excellent organizational skills. Media relations, a solid knowledge of social platforms and web content management also go into the realm of public relations. Public Relations professionals also play a big role in liaising with the government, official bodies and other stakeholders in the wider business and socio-ethnic communities, where there is a constant need for unique and broad-based perspectives on any issues. Contact us for strategic inputs and efficient communications management for making your outreach to the world!


Bringing your brand to life and keeping it at prime position is what our PR efforts are all about. SMART DIGITAL & MEDIA can help you create effective communication methods to reach out to the world and elicit favourable reactions from individuals and groups or entire segments of a targeted audience. We can also assist in monitoring, researching and recommending key corporate policy for brand and image building. Public relations professionals also champion the side of clients in public discourse. Following the principles of the Public Relations society of America puts it: We do the “anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of the organization.” Call us for details.


Retail activation, which is also known as Brand Activation or Marketing Activation is part of direct engagement with a target market.  As part of the marketing strategy of any corporate organization, this entails use of customer management tools to augment other activities that promote the company and its products. Today, data drives all activation efforts so that efforts are pinpointed at segments of the market to get maximum benefits. Tools include sponsorship of sports and cultural events, online tools like videos, local language radio spots – all of which are aimed at consumers who will remember the message.


Most successful businesses have a good knowledge of their customers and of their competitors. Such knowledge comes from Market Research – which provide a wealth of information about products and services in demand in the areas you operate in. Such research – in the form of polls, surveys, direct mail, street interviews, product sampling – can be about price, special promotions or the degree of satisfaction that your customers have about your services and products. At SMART DIGITAL & MEDIA, we can design a market research project for you and provide insights into any ethno-cultural market that you wish to explore.