GROUP ADVERTISING NETWORK is commonly known as co-op advertising. Buying media as a single advertiser does not always allow you to take advantage of low advertising rates or volume discounts. However, when you become part of a co-op grouping, your advertising dollar can be stretched further to give you greater buying power. A good analogy would be: A finger is only a finger, but five fingers can be a fist!

For instance, instead of a fixed budget for one newspaper ad and one radio ad, we can get you additional media space/coverage within the same budget.

At Smart Digital Services, we are well-positioned to approach media/agencies and promote special deals for you through our large database. We have unlocked the key to Group Buying, which offers the best prospects today for performance-based advertising at lower prices. This can cover newspapers, radio and television advertising, along with billboards, social media campaigns and mail-in services etc.

We aggregate the group buying power, plan and schedule effectively, analyse data and optimize results. The secret: Collective buying results in substantially reduced prices for media space across several platforms. Come sign up with us and let us make "Team Buying" the major thrust of our marketing strategy.