There has literally been an explosion in Internet use in the past couple of years – with the web emerging as the fastest growing medium for buyers and sellers worldwide. Online advertising has now put thousands of products and services at the fingertips of consumers. Targeting and timing – where a purchase decision is just a click away- is the new philosophy in digital marketing. For companies today, the imperative need it to establish and promote their presence on the Web – and this is where SMART DIGITAL & MEDIA will be of help. Media buying is a strategic tool to achieve the purpose of maximizing the viewability of your company/products/services and to attract user interaction. We have the skills to identify your target markets by demographics, language, culture or any other sets of criteria and purchase the ideal digital space for maximum exposure or a wide range of devices. We will also set up, maintain and promote an exciting presence for you on various social media platforms.


The process of buying and planning digital media space is very often a complex process and we can help you navigate it successfully. Our team of marketing experts can identify the tactical and strategic needs of local markets and chart out effective campaigns for you. With a responsive design and market intelligence, we will enable you to enter any marketplace and decide on the best media and methods that fit your vision and budget. Digital media options include running campaigns by the hour, by the day, by individual clicks on pages – the possibilities are numerous and so are the rewards.


A lot of planning is essential before you venture into social media for a corporate purpose. The various social platforms are great channels for a company to interact with their customers, both current and prospective. Planning could involve introduction of user-generated content along with your own inputs to create an interesting marketing strategy. There could be referral campaigns, contests and quizzes, hashtag promotions, polls etc to keep interest of today’s multimedia users. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have mammoth databases, which you can access on reasonable budgets and generate leads through multiple impressions. Let us show you how! Along with purchase of social media space, Smart Digital & Media Services can track activity on various platforms, analyze the results and give you a report on how the campaign is progressing.